INTERVIEW FRIDAY: Singer/Songwriter Marcome


We are extremely excited to debut our INTERVIEW FRIDAY series. These are interviews by people of different profession about how they got into their career and priceless advice on how to prepare and be successful. These interviews are slightly shortened versions of the the 150+ interviews found in Conversations: Find Your Niche!

Our first interview is with a wonderful artist and individual, Marcome. We're very grateful for her time and thought that is put into the priceless information found below!

Enjoy the pearls of wisdom as well as a sample of her music below!

Seven Seas (Remastered 2006)River of SoulSeven Seas

Interview Questions:

Q. Please tell us about yourself and what people, influences, events or desires led you to your profession.
I'm a singer songwriter and sound engineer by trade. I've been singing all my life, be it with my family or with the music I listen to! I grew up in a musical family. Every weekend my uncles would grab their guitars & violin and do music. This led me to like music and start singing.

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It's been quite a while and we've been on a bit of a hiatus but WE ARE BACK!

And what's better? We are so excited to debut an interview by an amazing artist at the end of the week:


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